Hamburg’s Cruise Sector is Growing Whilst Also Focussing on Sustainability

Hamburg’s three cruise terminals have been exceeding their growth forecasts with current figures above the normal European market development. In the worldwide ranking of home ports, Hamburg counts among the top 20, and in terms of growth figures is even ahead of home ports such as Sydney and Miami.

The Cruise Gate Hamburg (CGH GmbH) is aiming to supply environmentally friendly energy at all of their three cruise terminals in the near future. Currently, ships arriving at Hamburg’s Steinwerder terminal are being supplied with environmentally friendly LNG and cruise liners at the Altona cruise terminal are able draw environmentally-friendly electricity from Europe’s only shore-side power plant. Another shore-side power plant is being planned for the new terminal in HafenCity and is due to to into operation in 2022.

‘Growth and sustainability are not mutually exclusive, on the contrary: the current passenger figures show very impressively that growth and taking numerous measures to improve sustainability can go hand in hand.’ (Michael Otremba, MD of Hamburg Tourisms GmbH)