Talk To Us About Winning New Customers Abroad

You wish to take your company to a new market or territory. The feasibility studies are positive – making it work is next logical step. What seems to be a mountain of work is manageable when working hand in hand with The Reference Point. We have vital experience and will provide you with the necessary support.

We Are Here To Develop Your Business With You

We are an experienced service agency that can:

Organise, even create your sales channels and distribution network
Coordinate your sales activities
Engage actively with existing customers
Provide essential market guidance to your sales team
Grow a portfolio of sales
Develop contacts and identify new opportunities
Establish, reinforce and grow customer relationships and loyalty through being in the region and through language skills
Communicate with you and your teams at all levels

Opportunities and markets most certainly exist for forward looking business to access and The Reference Point is your conduit to those openings.

There is much to do and many sales to close. Which is why you should work with us.

Find out more with just one call to our MD Nele Andersch.