The heat is on over the climate crisis. Only radical measures will work

From The Guardian – Sat 18 May 2019

Climate models predict we are currently on track for a heating of global average temperatures somewhere between 3C and 4C for 2100. Although this may not sound like much it would actually render the planet unrecognisable form anything humans have ever experienced.

The last time the world was this hot was 15m years ago when sea levels rose some 40m higher than today and lush forests grew in Antarctica and the Arctic. However, that global heating took place over many thousands of years and even at its most rapid the rise in CO2 emissions occurred at a rate 1,000 times slower than ours has since the start of the Industrial Revolution. That gave animals and plants time to adapt to new conditions and, crucially, ecosystems had not been degraded by humans. Things will look considerably bleaker for our 2100 world.

This is from an article from 18 May 2019 by the Guardian’s free-lance science reporter Gaia Vince describing what experts believe is likely to happen to our planet if we do not take drastic action and fundamentally change the way we all live.

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