BeBot - Beach cleaning robot

Beach-screening robot – eco-friendly and silent

What is the BeBot

& What does it do?

BeBot screens sand, rakes seaweed, levels out expanses of beach, and lifts and carries loads. It collects all waste buried in the defined area.
BeBot announces its presence, meaning it is completely safe, and it can also cope with steep terrain.

  • It protects plant and animal life as well as the sand as it screens.
  • BeBot is 100% electric, and emits no harmful gases or greenhouse gases.
  • Its quiet running means it can operate at any time of day or night without restriction.




Rake Warning light & audible alert Mast & marketing flag Professional-quality speaker Battery monitoring apps


Solid waste Plastic bottles, cigarette butts, packaging, bottle caps, cardboard, cotton buds, and more


Public or private beaches, nature reserves, playing fields, golf courses

Technical Specs and Downloads
Mobility & Screening
  • Top speed 2,7 km/h
  • Can cope with obstacles of up to 20°.
  • Pulls loads up to 400kg
  • Screening width: 130 cm
  • Screening depth: 10 cm
  • Cleaning capacity: 3,000 m²
  • Screening Unit: Can access any spot, even in tight spaces
  • Screening capacity: 100 litres
Technical Specs and Downloads
Power, Battery & Operation
  • 100% electric, batteries and solar pannels
  • Remote control up to 150 meters
  • Up to 3 hours, full charge: 8 hours
  • Emergency stop button
  • Safety LEDs for visibility
  • Optional warning light and audible alert


Bebot in Action

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