Collec'Thor - Trash Collector for marinas ports and inland waterways

Attracts and collects all types of floating waste

What is the Collec'Thor

& What does it do?

Collec’Thor attracts and collects all solid and liquid waste floating on the water’s surface. Silent and effective, Collec’Thor is installed at the water’s edge and/or on floating docks in areas where marine waste routes have been identified.

It operates continuously and silently, attracting waste over a large area. It can hold up to 100 kg of waste. Highly ergonomic, with no waste bag, easy waist-level emptying and cleaning, and a handle system for easy maintenance.



Collec'Thor - A fixed collector installed on the waste flow path

Collec’Thor is a fixed waste collector that is installed at the water’s edge and/or on floating docks, and offers a large storage capacity as well as being quick and easy to use. It can hold up to 100 kg (320 liters) of solid floating waste (plastic bottles, cigarette filters, packaging) as well as liquid waste (hydrocarbons). Boasting a wide scope of action, it can attract microplastics from 4 mm in size. Collec’Thor doesn’t use a waste bag, and offers easy waist-level emptying and cleaning. An innovative technical solution with a sturdy pump and a long lifespan.

Electric operation (750 W) Durable industrial pump for a long lifespan


Solid & liquid waste Plastic bottles Cigarette filters and butts Packaging Microplastics Hydrocarbons


Harbours Marinas Rivers & Inland Waterways Lakes Reservoirs

Technical Specs and Downloads
  • Pump Power 750 Watts
  • Pump Flow 32.000 l/h
  • Material: Brackets & tank 5745 aluminium
  • Holds up to 100kg / 220 lbs of waste
  • Tank collection capacity 320 l
Eco and Marina friendly
  • Operated with a practical winch
  • Easy emptying and cleaning at hip height
  • Catches microplastics from 4mm diameter
  • Large attraction perimeter
  • No waste bag


Collec'Thor in Action

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