InvisiBubble - The Bubble Curtain

A bubble curtain that controls floating waste and produces environmental benefits

What is the InvisiBubble

& What does it do?

InvisiBubble is a bubble curtain that purifies the water, redirects debris and sediment, contains the spread of hydrocarbons and protects surrounding wildlife.

Combats eutrophication: through aeration, the bubbles destratify the water, providing oxygen to aerobic bacteria found in the sediment. It increases water oxygen levels and reduces odors and stagnant water. It limits excessive nutrient loads in the water (fewer plants and algae).

Reduces sedimentation: it retains or redirects fine matter, reduces erosion in critical areas, stops sediment dispersion and resuspension, and prevents water turbidity.

Contains waste: it traps floating and submerged waste (whether organic or synthetic) measuring just 2 mm, diverting or rerouting it to a collection point or containing it within a specific area.




No submersible anchoring required Single, double or even triple bubble curtains are easy to install Flexible, with perfect shape memory Extremely quick on-demand activation


Organic rubbish and waste from the bed to the water surface All solids suspended in the water Plants & algae Odors & stagnant water Sedimentation


In all aquatic environments such as Harbours and marinas, Inland waterways and rivers Lakes, ponds and reservoirs

Environmental benefits
General Overview
  • Combating Eutrophication
  • Sedimentation Mitigation
  • Waste Containment
Blocking, containing and redirecting solid or liquid waste to an existing collection point.
A technical innovation that brings transformation
  • Does not disturb plant or animal life or the boating environment
  • No visual or sound impact
  • Reduces greenhouse gases (GHGs)
  • Increases water oxygen levels
  • Protects the balance of the surrounding ecosystem
  • Allows bio-dredging (reduces dredging costs)


InvisiBubble in Action

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