PixieDrone - Mobile Waste Collector

AUV or remote controlled

What is the PixieDrone

& What does it do?

PixieDrone is a drone that collects floating waste. Remote-controlled or operating fully autonomously, it allows you to quickly take action after identifying waste collection areas.

PixieDrone is fitted with a video camera and LIDAR technology to avoid obstacles.

Start your drone and monitor its activity via the WebApp.

It has a 160 litre collection capacity and up to 6 hours of operation in autonomous mode.

It is fully compatible with salt water, fresh water and brackish water




Pixie Ramp - to safely store and manoeuvre your PixieDrone in and out of the water Pixie Mover - helps to manoeuvre and launch your PixieDrone Battery monitoring apps


Floating waste of all types: Organic Plastic Glass Metal Paper & Fabric Rubber


Harbours Marinas Rivers and inland waterways Lakes, ponds and reservoirs

Technical Specs and Downloads
Mobility & Screening
  • Top speed 3 km/h
  • Can cope with obstacles of up to 20°.
  • Maximum use on one charge 6 hours - Charging time 5 hours
  • Camera range 300 meters - Remote control range 500 meters
  • Basket weight capacity 60 kg - Basket capacity 160 liters
  • Wave height (max) 0,5 metres
  • Distance on one charge 12 km - LIDAR technology 30 meters
  • Max. outside temperature 50°C - Min. outside temperature -15°C
Application and Benefits
Remote controlled and autonomous operation options
  • Equipped with Lidar technology to avoid obstacles afar
  • Unlimited number of routes for your drones
  • WebApp to track drone activity and set into action
  • Equipped with video camera
  • 160 liters / 35 gal collection capacity per mission
  • Up to 6 hours of operation in autonomous mode
  • Can operate in saltwater, freshwater and brackish water


PixieDrone in Action

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