NSB Group wins Innovation Award at European Marine Engineering Conference 2016 in Amsterdam

A NSB spokesperson said: “We thank the judges of the Marine Propulsion and Auxiliary Awards 2016 and of course the readership of the magazine for awarding us this prestigious prize for our WIDENING programme and we take their support with us while we are working on our new innovative marine engineering projects.”

The Innovation Award is proof of the technical innovation that lead to the development of the WIDENING project.

Our client was presented this Innovation Award, which is dedicated to the innovators at NSB; Mr. Helmut Ponath, CEO of NSB who had the idea for WIDENING, Mr. Lutz Müller, Senior Technical Advisor, who constructed the models and drew the plans, Mr. Bozidar Petrovic, Senior Technical Advisor to the Chairman, who supervised the works and workers in the dockyard in Shanghai.

NSB Group also dedicated the award to the supporters of their innovation and extended thanks to their partner MSC for their trust in this project, the owners, Gebab, colleagues from Technolog GmbH, and of course its partners at Huarun Dadong Dockyard in Shanghai where NSB’s three vessels, the MSC GENEVA, MSC LAUSANNE and MSC CAROUGE were transformed. Panmaxes are now too small for efficient journeys and are just not wide enough. With NSB’s WIDENING they will achieve the width, as well as being more efficient and cost-effective.